Cahuita Town

Costa Rica South Caribbean.


Cahuita, in the South Caribbean, is a truly charming town; a real Caribbean town where time seams to be stopped, with heaven on Earth beaches surrounded by dense tropical forest, shores of the turquoise sea, the black and white sand beaches and coral reef, more than an ecosystem is represented here. The Afro-Caribbean culture is everywhere; an African legacy reflected in the architecture, gastronomy, music, and in the people, whose roots come from turtle fishers that settled down three hundred years ago. Nowadays, Cahuita is a multicultural town, with settlers from all around the world. Cahuita was baptized by the Miskito Indians, who were turtle fishermen. Cahuita in their language means "place were the sangrillos grow". The sangrillo is a tree species with yellow flowers which is very common in this area. Cahuita is a very peculiar destination within Costa Rica´s touristic circuit, not only for its incomparable beauty also because of being the town in wich the Afro-Caribbean culture is best represented. While you walk its streets you can percive the colors, flavors and rhythms which were inherited from Africa and the Antilles. You will find the typical Caribbean constructions, which are very colorful and built on pillars. They are part of the Afro - Caribbean Culture that resists losing their identity. You have to try the coconut flavored Rice & Beans or Rondom, curry and pepper, and enjoy the reggae and calypso rhythms which are always flowing in the air. Cahuita National Park is one of Costa Rica`s Nature attractions. Beautiful beaches, coconut palm trees, excellent snorkeling The coralline reef is one of the most important ecosystems of the area. It is located in front of Cahuita´s point and its depth goes from 1 meter to 15 meters in its external part


The park is perfect for light hiking on the paths that meander along the coast. Bird and wildlife viewing are popular activities since sloths, howler and white-faced monkeys, and toucans are commonly sighted. Camping is permitted at Playa Vargas, less than one mile from the ranger station. There is a paved road to the beach and camping area. Located here are latrines, outdoor showers, potable water and an administration center.


There are several trails in the park. The most popular trail begins at the Kelly Creek ranger station and connects to the camping area at Puerto Vargas, about a four-mile walk. This trail follows the beach most of the way and ends at the southern tip of the reef (around the bend from Cahuita Point). Here, it meets up with a road leading to the ranger station at Puerto Vargas..