Bird Watching Tour

Meet the birds of Cahuita - Costa Rica.

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Bird Watching Tour - CAHUITA

This activity takes place in the community of Cahuita, the tour starts at 5:30 am with pick up in the respective hotels to be coming to the community at 6:00 am. The bird watching started around Ciudad Perdida Ecolodge Hotel which is a perfect place for spot birds because is a semi-open forest and its proximity to the national park. Some of the birds that are able to see in this place are the blue and gray tanager, scarlet rump tanager, summer tanager, golden-hooded tanager, collar aracaris, keel-billed toucans, violaceous trogons, slaty-tailed trogons, squirrel cuckoos and much more.


After some time of been spotting birds, we takes a typical Costa Rican breakfast before heading to Cahuita National Park, were we will hike up to the mouth of the river Suarez looking for birds around the path. Some species that able to see in the National Parck aare the tiger heron, blue little heron, tricolored heron, western slaty-antshrike, woodcreepers and amazon kingfisher, depending on what Mother Nature wants to show us. At the Suarez river, the National Park has a beautiful beach area where if tourists want can swim and relax. After we arrive back to the entrance of the Cahuita National Park the transportation is going to take tourists back to different hotels.


INCLUDES: Round-trip transportation, bilingual guide and Breakfast.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Binoculars, comfortable shoes and clothing, hat, bathing suit and bird guide.

MINIMUM: 2 people

DURATION:4 to 6 hours approximate (from the pick up up to the drop off)

Price: $55

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