Del Caribe - rescue center


INCLUDES: Round Trip Trasnportation.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Bring ID or passport, camera, hat, comfortable sandals or shoes, sun glasses.



MINIMUM: 2 people


DURATION:4 hours approx. (from the pick up until the drop off)


Price: $65

Sloth Sanctuary & Rescue Center

Aviarios del Caribe is an Integrated Model who works in research, protection and rehabilitation of sloths.


Tourists arriving at Sanctuary welcomes vera'n then a short presentation of 12 minutes. In this video you will learn from these small and enigmatic creatures..


Then take a boat for up to 5 people, guide and boatman for 45 minutes Star travel the river through tropical vegetation watching their wealth and exuberance of Caribbean rainforest.


Then a 20 minute walk where you will see sloths in the wild, birds, butterflies, monkeys and other species.


Finally can visit the gift store that features a number of memories of the lazy.









Contact Information

50 mts south from the police station
Phone: (506) 2755-0101
Fax: (506) 2755-0082