Del Caribe - rescue center


INCLUDES: Round Trip Trasnportation.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Bring ID or passport, camera, hat, comfortable sandals or shoes, sun glasses.



MINIMUM: 2 people


DURATION:4 hours approx. (from the pick up until the drop off)


Price: $65

Sloth Sanctuary & Rescue Center

Aviarios del Caribe / Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.


The Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue, research, and rehabilitate sloths of both genera and provide sanctuary to those sloths that are unable to return to the wild. The goals are to educate the public about sloths and their importance in the tropical forest, and to research and document the natural history of these incredible rainforest inhabitants. Sloths are slow-moving, medium sized mammals that are highly adapted to life in the jungles of Central and South America. Their diets consist mainly of vegetation (they are folivores), which while plentiful, provides very little nutrition. Since they do not get much energy from their diets, sloths have evolved a very slow metabolism. Two kinds of sloth are found in Costa Rica, Bradypus variegatus (Three-fingered Sloth) and Choloepus hoffmanni (Two-fingered Sloth). Both live at the sanctuary.


Buttercup Tour


Available in English & Spanish, this 2-hour tour includes learning all about the amazing sloth, its natural history, the problems they face in our ever-increasing encroachment into their habitat, as well as the Sanctuary’s research projects. You will meet (and photograph!) the “world-renowned” Buttercup™, the Grand Dame of the Sanctuary, and visit the Sloth Nursery to learn the stories of why each of these youngsters arrived to the sanctuary. Depending on the time of your visit, you may also get to see the juvenile sloths as they learn to climb and exercise on their indoor ‘jungle-gym’. Photo opportunities abound, but please, no flash for sloth photos! You will take a guided canoe ride through the exuberant riverine vegetation of the Estrella River tributary and observe tropical lowland rainforest wildlife and plants from aboard a stable canoe with an experienced boatman/guide. From time to time, the river’s level changes during heavy rainfall: if too low or the current too swift, we may choose to cancel this segment for your well-being.











Contact Information

50 mts south from the police station
Phone: (506) 2755-0101
Fax: (506) 2755-0082

+ 506-8556 1474