Hiking Cahuita

Hiking Tour:

This tour can be operated in the following ways:

1. Only Hiking $50


INCLUDES: Round trip transportation,donation to the park,bilingual guide,fresh tropical fruits snack,bottle of water and lunch.


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT:Cap or hat, sun block,repellent,shoes or sandals,bathing suit, towel (on rack price).


DURATION:5 at 6 approximate hours(from the Pick up to the drop off).



MINIMUM: 2 people


CHILD POLICY:Kids under 3 don´t pay, Kids under10 years pay 60%.

; Hiking Cahuita National Park



The Tour consists of a hike through the trail of the national park of 7 Km. approximately. The activity begins from our office(Cahuita Tours)in the community of Cahuita. We get in to the National Park by the White Beach Sector, up to Cahuita ponit, crossing through beautiful beaches where tourist can relax and swin in the calm water of the Caribbean Sea for a While.


points between Cahuita Point and the town of Cahuita (3.5 km) observing various types of snakes (boas, bocaraca, bush master, eyelash vipers, etc.), sloths, white faced and howler monkeys, anteaters, armadillos, raccoons, blue morpho butterflies among others, birds and many more things such as: medicinal plants, orchids, trees, ferns, vertebrates, invertebrates, sea and earth shellfish, etc.

hiking Cahuita



Contact Information

50 mts south from the police station
Phone: (506) 2755-0101
Fax: (506) 2755-0082
E-mail: cahuitatours@yahoo.com

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